package wallet

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Package Members

  1. package api
  2. package config
  3. package db
  4. package models

Type Members

  1. case class EncryptedMnemonic(value: AesEncryptedData, salt: AesSalt) extends Product with Serializable
  2. abstract class LockedWallet extends LockedWalletApi with UtxoHandling with AddressHandling with AccountHandling with TransactionProcessing
  3. sealed trait ReadMnemonicError extends ReadMnemonicResult
  4. sealed trait ReadMnemonicResult extends AnyRef

    Represents the result of reading an encrypted mnemonic from disk

  5. case class ReadMnemonicSuccess(mnemonic: MnemonicCode) extends ReadMnemonicResult with Product with Serializable

    Represents the success case

  6. sealed abstract class Wallet extends LockedWallet with UnlockedWalletApi

Value Members

  1. object EitherUtil

  2. object EncryptedMnemonicHelper
  3. object LockedWallet
  4. object ReadMnemonicError
  5. object Wallet extends CreateWalletApi with KeyHandlingLogger
  6. object WalletStorage extends KeyHandlingLogger