package wallet

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Package Members

  1. package config
  2. package db
  3. package internal
  4. package models
  5. package sync

Type Members

  1. trait OnNewAddressGenerated extends Callback[BitcoinAddress]
  2. trait OnReservedUtxos extends Callback[Vector[SpendingInfoDb]]
  3. trait OnTransactionBroadcast extends Callback[Transaction]
  4. trait OnTransactionProcessed extends Callback[Transaction]

    Callback for handling a processed transaction

  5. abstract class Wallet extends AnyHDWalletApi with UtxoHandling with AddressHandling with AccountHandling with FundTransactionHandling with TransactionProcessing with RescanHandling with WalletLogger
  6. trait WalletCallbacks extends AnyRef

    Callbacks for responding to events in the wallet.

    Callbacks for responding to events in the wallet. The appropriate callback is executed whenever the wallet finishes, the corresponding function.

Value Members

  1. object Wallet extends WalletLogger
  2. object WalletCallbacks