package db

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Package Members

  1. package models
  2. package util

Type Members

  1. abstract class CRUD[T, PrimaryKeyType] extends CRUDAction[T, PrimaryKeyType] with JdbcProfileComponent[DbAppConfig]

    Created by chris on 9/8/16.

    Created by chris on 9/8/16. This is an abstract actor that can be used to implement any sort of actor that accesses a Postgres database. It creates read, update, upsert, and delete methods for your actor to call. You are responsible for the create function. You also need to specify the table and the database you are connecting to.

  2. abstract class CRUDAction[T, PrimaryKeyType] extends JdbcProfileComponent[DbAppConfig]
  3. abstract class CRUDAutoInc[T <: DbRowAutoInc[T]] extends CRUD[T, Long] with TableAutoIncComponent[T]
  4. sealed abstract class DatabaseDriver extends AnyRef
  5. abstract class DbAppConfig extends AppConfig
  6. class DbCommonsColumnMappers extends AnyRef
  7. trait DbManagement extends Logging
  8. case class HikariLogging(hikariDataSource: HikariDataSource, moduleName: String, interval: Duration) extends Logging with StartStop[HikariLogging] with Product with Serializable
  9. trait JdbcProfileComponent[+ConfigType <: DbAppConfig] extends Logging
  10. case class SQLiteTableInfo(name: String, sql: String) extends Product with Serializable


    The name of the table


    The SQL executed to create the table

  11. case class SafeDatabase(jdbcProfile: JdbcProfileComponent[DbAppConfig]) extends Logging with Product with Serializable
  12. trait SlickUtil[T, PrimaryKeyType] extends SlickUtilAction[T, PrimaryKeyType]
  13. trait SlickUtilAction[T, PrimaryKeyType] extends AnyRef
  14. trait TableAutoIncComponent[T <: DbRowAutoInc[T]] extends AnyRef

    Defines a table that has an auto incremented fields that is named id.

    Defines a table that has an auto incremented fields that is named id. This is useful for things we want to store that don't have an inherent id such as a hash.

  15. case class UpdateFailedException(message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable
  16. case class UpsertFailedException(message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object DatabaseDriver extends StringFactory[DatabaseDriver]
  2. object DatadirUtil
  3. object HikariLogging extends Logging with Serializable
  4. object PostgresUtil
  5. object SQLiteUtil extends Logging