package tor

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Package Members

  1. package client
  2. package config

Type Members

  1. trait OnTorStarted extends Callback[Unit]
  2. class Socks5ClientTransport extends ClientTransport
  3. class Socks5Connection extends Actor with ActorLogging with Logging

    Simple socks 5 client.

    Simple socks 5 client. It should be given a new connection, and will

    Created by rorp

  4. class Socks5ProxyGraphStage extends GraphStage[BidiShape[ByteString, ByteString, ByteString, ByteString]] with Logging
  5. case class Socks5ProxyParams(address: InetSocketAddress, credentialsOpt: Option[Credentials], randomizeCredentials: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  6. trait TorCallbacks extends ModuleCallbacks[TorCallbacks] with Logging
  7. sealed trait TorConnectionError extends AnyRef
  8. class TorController extends Actor with ActorLogging

    Created by rorp

  9. case class TorException(msg: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable
  10. case class TorParams(controlAddress: InetSocketAddress, authentication: Authentication, privateKeyPath: Path) extends Product with Serializable
  11. class TorProtocolHandler extends Actor with Stash with ActorLogging

    Created by rorp

    Created by rorp