package ln

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Package Members

  1. package channel
  2. package currency
  3. package fee
  4. package node
  5. package routing
  6. package util

Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class LnHumanReadablePart extends Bech32HumanReadablePart
  2. sealed abstract class LnInvoice extends AnyRef
  3. sealed abstract class LnInvoiceSignature extends NetworkElement

    520 bit digital signature that signs the LnInvoice; See BOLT11 for more info.

  4. sealed abstract class LnParams extends AnyRef
  5. sealed abstract class LnPolicy extends AnyRef
  6. sealed trait LnTag extends AnyRef

    One of the tagged fields on a Lightning Network invoice

  7. sealed abstract class LnTagPrefix extends AnyRef
  8. sealed abstract class LnTaggedFields extends SeqWrapper[LnTag] with NetworkElement

    An aggregation of all the individual tagged fields in a org.bitcoins.core.protocol.ln.LnInvoice

  9. final case class PaymentPreimage(bytes: ByteVector) extends NetworkElement with Product with Serializable

    Payment preimage for generating LN invoices.

  10. final case class PaymentSecret(bytes: ByteVector) extends NetworkElement with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object LnHumanReadablePart extends StringFactory[LnHumanReadablePart]
  2. object LnInvoice extends StringFactory[LnInvoice]
  3. object LnInvoiceSignature extends Factory[LnInvoiceSignature]
  4. object LnParams
  5. object LnPolicy extends LnPolicy
  6. object LnTag

    All of the different invoice tags that are currently defined Refer to BOLT11 for a full list

  7. object LnTagPrefix extends StringFactory[LnTagPrefix]

    This defines the necessary Lightning Network Tag Prefix's, as specified in BOLT-11 Please see:

  8. object LnTaggedFields
  9. object PaymentPreimage extends Factory[PaymentPreimage] with Serializable
  10. object PaymentSecret extends Factory[PaymentSecret] with Serializable