package protocol

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Package Members

  1. package blockchain
  2. package dlc
  3. package ln
  4. package script
  5. package tlv
  6. package transaction

Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class Address extends AnyRef
  2. abstract class AddressFactory[T <: Address] extends StringFactory[T]
  3. sealed abstract class Bech32Address extends BitcoinAddress

  4. sealed abstract class Bech32mAddress extends BitcoinAddress

  5. case class BigSizeUInt(num: UInt64) extends NetworkElement with Product with Serializable
  6. sealed abstract class BitcoinAddress extends Address
  7. sealed trait BlockStamp extends AnyRef

    This trait represents a point on blockchain, and is used to specify block ranges

  8. sealed trait BlockTimeStamp extends BlockStamp

    This trait represents a point in time on the blockchain, including future times

  9. sealed abstract class BtcHumanReadablePart extends Bech32HumanReadablePart

    Represents the HumanReadablePart of a Bech32 address

  10. sealed abstract class CompactSizeUInt extends NetworkElement

    Compact sized unsigned integer, a Bitcoin-native data structure

    Compact sized unsigned integer, a Bitcoin-native data structure

    See also

  11. sealed abstract class P2PKHAddress extends BitcoinAddress
  12. sealed abstract class P2SHAddress extends BitcoinAddress