package chain

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Package Members

  1. package fixture
  2. package models

Type Members

  1. abstract class BlockHeaderHelper extends AnyRef

    Useful helper methods for getting block header related data for unit tests.

  2. trait ChainDbUnitTest extends FixtureAsyncFlatSpec with ChainUnitTest with EmbeddedPg
  3. trait ChainUnitTest extends FixtureAsyncFlatSpec with BitcoinSFixture with ChainFixtureHelper with CachedChainAppConfig
  4. abstract class SyncUtil extends BitcoinSLogger

    Useful utilities to use in the chain project for syncing things against bitcoind

Value Members

  1. object BlockHeaderHelper extends BlockHeaderHelper
  2. object ChainUnitTest extends ChainVerificationLogger with Serializable
  3. object MockChainQueryApi extends ChainQueryApi
  4. object SyncUtil extends SyncUtil