package wallet

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Package Members

  1. package accounting
  2. package callback
  3. package internal
  4. package models
  5. package util

Type Members

  1. case class DLCAppConfig(baseDatadir: Path, configOverrides: Vector[Config], walletConfigOpt: Option[WalletAppConfig] = None)(implicit system: ActorSystem) extends DbAppConfig with DLCDbManagement with JdbcProfileComponent[DLCAppConfig] with CallbackConfig[DLCWalletCallbacks] with Product with Serializable

    Configuration for the Bitcoin-S wallet

  2. trait DLCDbManagement extends DbManagement
  3. abstract class DLCWallet extends Wallet with DLCNeutrinoHDWalletApi with DLCTransactionProcessing with IncomingDLCOffersHandling

    A Wallet with full DLC Functionality

Value Members

  1. object DLCAppConfig extends AppConfigFactoryBase[DLCAppConfig, ActorSystem] with WalletLogger with Serializable
  2. object DLCWallet extends WalletLogger