package node

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  1. package config

Type Members

  1. class DLCClient extends Actor with ActorLogging
  2. class DLCConnectionHandler extends Actor with ActorLogging
  3. class DLCDataHandler extends Actor with ActorLogging
  4. case class DLCNode(wallet: DLCWalletApi)(implicit system: ActorSystem, config: DLCNodeAppConfig) extends DLCNodeApi with BitcoinSLogger with Product with Serializable
  5. trait DLCNodeCallbacks extends ModuleCallbacks[DLCNodeCallbacks] with BitcoinSLogger

    Callbacks for responding to events in the DLC node.

  6. class DLCServer extends Actor with ActorLogging
  7. trait OnAcceptFailed extends Callback[(Sha256Digest, String)]
  8. trait OnAcceptSucceed extends Callback[Sha256Digest]
  9. trait OnOfferSendFailed extends Callback[(Sha256Digest, String)]
  10. trait OnOfferSendSucceed extends Callback[Sha256Digest]
  11. trait OnPeerConnectionEstablished extends Callback[InetSocketAddress]
  12. trait OnPeerConnectionFailed extends Callback[InetSocketAddress]
  13. trait OnPeerConnectionInitiated extends Callback[InetSocketAddress]
  14. trait OnSignFailed extends Callback[(Sha256Digest, String)]
  15. trait OnSignSucceed extends Callback[Sha256Digest]