package signer

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class BitcoinFundingInfo extends FundingInfo
  2. sealed abstract class ConditionalSigner extends Signer[ConditionalInputInfo]

    Delegates to get a ScriptSignature for the case being spent and then adds an OP_TRUE or OP_FALSE

  3. sealed abstract class EmptySigner extends Signer[EmptyInputInfo]

    For signing EmptyScriptPubKeys in tests, should probably not be used in real life.

  4. sealed abstract class FundingInfo extends AnyRef

    This meant to represent the class used to 'fund' an unsigned Transaction.

    This meant to represent the class used to 'fund' an unsigned Transaction. This is useful for when we have multiple NetworkParameters that each have their own transaction type. I.e. we should only be able to have BitcoinTransactions paired with UTXOInfo, the same would apply for litecoin etc.

  5. sealed abstract class LockTimeSigner extends Signer[LockTimeInputInfo]
  6. sealed abstract class MultiSigSigner extends Signer[MultiSignatureInputInfo]
  7. sealed abstract class P2PKHSigner extends RawSingleKeyBitcoinSigner[P2PKHInputInfo]

    Used to sign a org.bitcoins.core.protocol.script.P2PKHScriptPubKey

  8. sealed abstract class P2PKSigner extends RawSingleKeyBitcoinSigner[P2PKInputInfo]

    Used to sign a org.bitcoins.core.protocol.script.P2PKScriptPubKey

  9. sealed abstract class P2PKWithTimeoutSigner extends RawSingleKeyBitcoinSigner[P2PKWithTimeoutInputInfo]
  10. sealed abstract class P2SHSigner extends Signer[P2SHInputInfo]

    Used to sign a org.bitcoins.core.protocol.script.P2SHScriptPubKey

  11. sealed abstract class P2WPKHSigner extends Signer[P2WPKHV0InputInfo]
  12. sealed abstract class P2WSHSigner extends Signer[P2WSHV0InputInfo]
  13. sealed abstract class RawSingleKeyBitcoinSigner[-InputType <: RawInputInfo] extends Signer[InputType]

    Represents a SingleKeyBitcoinSigner which signs a RawScriptPubKey

  14. sealed abstract class Signer[-InputType <: InputInfo] extends SignerUtils

    The class used to represent a signing process for a specific org.bitcoins.core.protocol.script.ScriptPubKey type

  15. sealed abstract class SignerUtils extends AnyRef