package config

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  1. sealed trait BitcoindAuthCredentials extends AnyRef

    This trait contains the information we need to authenticate to a bitcoind node.

  2. case class BitcoindConfig(lines: Seq[String], datadir: File) extends Logging with Product with Serializable

    This class represents a parsed bitcoin.conf file.

    This class represents a parsed bitcoin.conf file. It respects the different ways of writing options in bitcoin.conf: Raw options, network-prefixed options and options within network sections. It also tries to conform to the way Bitcoin Core gives precedence to the different properties.

    Not all options are exposed from this class. We only expose those that are of relevance when making RPC requests.

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  3. sealed trait BitcoindInstance extends Logging

    Created by chris on 4/29/17.

  4. sealed trait ZmqConfig extends AnyRef